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Come see what it’s all about! Visit Hippy Trip in Depoe Bay. We have a wide assortment of Oregon’s best cannabis products, from flower to concentrates, edibles and topicals. We strive to carry the best, freshest, tastiest, and effective cannabis products.

Hippy Trip is a locally owned, locally operated cannabis dispensary. We pride ourselves on using Oregon businesses, including vendors, contractors, and service businesses.

About Hippy Trip

Award winning brands you can find at Hippy Trip

We are on south side of bridge in Depoe Bay

Make sure to see the whales!

Hippy Trip is located on the corner of Ellingson and US-101 on the south side of the bridge in Depoe Bay. After you leave our store, make sure you take the quick walk to the end of Ellingson St.  There’s a lone park bench right next to the ocean.  We have seen gray whales as close as 30 feet surface right here.  It’s incredible and seeing the whales this close never gets old.

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